Living Upp is a self-care planning and design company that offers down-to-earth guidance to help you pick yourself up after one of life’s heavy moments.

Self-neglect is becoming more and more common these days. Not getting enough rest, pushing yourself beyond your limits regularly, making poor food choices, always putting the needs of others ahead of your own, not setting boundaries effectively — these habits can leave us feeling overcommitted, overscheduled, and overwhelmed.

When we refuse to give ourselves what we need, eventually our body forces us to. And that often leaves us more behind than when we started. It’s a vicious cycle.

But what if life could be different?

By learning the art of self-care, you’ll enjoy more energy, lower stress levels, fewer healthcare expenses, increased self-confidence, higher productivity, improved relationships, and a greater sense of purpose that makes life feel more meaningful.

Has a heavy life moment knocked you down?

Is your cup empty?

Let’s get you a warm upp!

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Our Team


Spirit Animal

Butters was a beautiful (and clucking hilarious) Buff Orpington hen who will forever remain with us in spirit.



Stacy is a Down-to-Earth Dietitian, Self-Care Designer, Diabetes Educator, and Author who is on a mission to make self-care the next big thing.


Director of Entertainment

Zoey refuses to attend any company meetings unless there are treats involved, but she’s a highly skilled entertainer so we let it slide.


The second “p” in our name isn’t an accident. Our mission is to unite people with their full potential, while simultaneously creating a movement that drives healthcare reform by reducing our nation’s dependency on the healthcare system itself. By taking a more active role in our health, we can avoid the costly medical care that often comes with managing chronic conditions.

We’re all doing the best we can with what we have wherever we are. But since you’ve found your way to this site (and you’re still reading) perhaps you’re feeling like it’s time to do life differently. Maybe you’re ready to care for yourself in a way that enables you to care for others without sacrificing your health in the process.