Self-Care Challenge (Day 145): Making Chicken Noodle Soup

On day 145 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored making homemade chicken noodle soup as an act of self-care.

When it’s chilly and rainy, I immediately think about soup.

What kind should I make? What sounds good? And what do I have on hand in the way of ingredients?

Chicken noodle soup seemed like a logical choice based on the answer to the latter question. After all, it’s a staple when it comes to soup varieties; entire books (Amazon Associate Link) have been written about its soothing qualities.

But despite traditional wisdom that it possesses unique healing properties, the research is sparse. A single study in 2000 (which is cited frequently) showed that it may act as an anti-inflammatory in that it immobilizes neutrophils (white blood cells). And another study suggested that we tend to view these kinds of comfort foods as a replacement for human connection, using them to enhance feelings of belonging and ease loneliness. Nevertheless, when it comes to comfort food, chicken soup tops the list.

Whether or not there are significant health benefits associated with chicken soup, it’s downright delicious. And that’s why I decided to make some as my self-care exercise for the day.

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