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Is it time for a lifestyle redesign?

This yearlong program is based on Living Upp’s 8-Dimensional system, which was developed to help you create, implement, and maintain supportive self-care strategies that helps you design a life you love.

Here, you’ll discover (or rediscover) your inner truth so you can live in alignment with what brings you joy.

Are you…

  • In the midst of a big life transition?
  • Rebuilding after an unexpected change in life circumstances?
  • Transitioning to a new chapter of life?
  • Navigating an unexpected decline in your health?
  • Realizing that it’s time to do life differently?

Life’s heavy moments often come when we least expect them, which is why having a solid self-care practice is so essential. This program will help you build strength and resiliency to recover from life’s ups and downs.

This simple, yet powerful program will show you how to invest your time and energy in the areas of your life that will have the greatest impact and produce the most joy.

Self-development can be a slow process, which is why this program is designed to be experienced over the course of a full year. Over the course of 12-months, you’ll explore and experiment with the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care and begin developing an individualized self-care practice that fully supports you so you can live up to your highest potential.

Stop living someone else’s dream and start living your truth. Create a self-care practice that makes you feel alive. You are designed for greatness!

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The Self-Care Mastery Program Includes:

Self-Care Starter Kit
Once enrolled, you’ll receive (via email) the downloadable Self-Care Starter Kit, which will help you get started with designing your self-care practice right away.

The kit includes:

  • A self-care assessment to help you identify key priorities and opportunities for growth
  • A downloadable copy of the eBook Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living 
  • Selected printable pages from The Self-Care Planner so you can try it out before you buy it
  • A list of over 366 self-care activities to help you outline a plan that best supports you
  • A downloadable copy of the eBook My Year of Self-Care, where you can read about my yearlong personal experiment with self-care

Self-Care Manual
You’ll also receive (via email) a downloadable Self-Care Mastery Manual, which includes additional self-care resources to help you begin experimenting with different self-care strategies so you can select the activities that best support you.

Self-Care Training Videos
In addition, you’ll receive the 8-Day Self-Care Challenge video series (via email), which further explains the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care.
Lifestyle Design Products
You’ll also have access to new products (worksheets, retreats, workbooks) as they are released over the course of the year.

Supportive Community
Over the course of this yearlong program, you’ll be invited to be part of a closed Facebook community of individuals who are on a similar journey. In this safe, nonjudgmental space you can celebrate your successes, get support and encouragement, and find resources to help you overcome challenges. You’ll also have access to impromptu training videos, worksheets, and other tools to help you stay motivated.

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“Just a big THANK YOU, Stacy. This was such a treat…I thought I had the self-care area of my life handled. I love what came up and how you were able to help direct me with powerful questions. I really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it.” – Coaching Client

What you’ll master here…

Your personal brand. I often describe my personal brand as “champagne & chickens” because that’s the only way I know how to label my inner truth. Having a well-defined personal brand will help you get clear about what you want to experience in life so you can design a plan to make it happen.

Resiliency. You know how life has a way of turning into a hot mess right in front of you? Yeah, that’s where having a self-care practice comes in super handy. You’ll learn how to create an emergency self-care plan that you can lean on when life’s heavy moments arise.

Independence. When you know who you are, you’ll naturally have more confidence. And with confidence comes independence. Reclaim your life on your own terms.

Decisiveness. Fear lives alongside uncertainty, and uncertainty can be paralyzing. But when you know who you are and what you want to experience, you’ll be able to use your personal brand as a guide to help you make important life decisions.

Healthy Boundaries. Because of your clear personal brand, you’ll begin attracting the people that are supposed to be in your life and repelling those who aren’t. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. You’ll stop apologizing for being who you are. And you’ll know how to speak up when someone crosses your boundaries.

Enough. You’ll be able to answer the question How much is enough? easily and effortlessly because you’ll be clear about what you want to experience in life. Clarity invites simplicity.

A positive mindset. Mindset is everything. How you view the world – and your future – starts with your thoughts. The Self-Care Mastery Program addresses how to manage your energy and maintain a spirit of optimism without suppressing the often necessary negative emotions we sometimes experience.

How to honor your body. By learning how to care for your physical well-being — through eating, moving and sleeping well — you’ll have the strength to design and live a life you love.

Structure. Living Upp’s self-care system and planning tools provide an element of structure to help you organize your intentions and goals as you work toward them.

Expansion. As you begin to practice self-care more regularly, you’ll become more of who you really are. As you expand into the life you were meant to live, your self-imposed limitations will fade into the background and you’ll see possibilities everywhere.

Pattern Identification. As you grow into your self-care practice and begin using the rate your 8 tool daily, you’ll discover that your life follows unique patterns. With this in mind, you’ll be able to identify, if not predict, your needs earlier so you can avoid the negative health consequences that often follow major life changes.

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