Self-Care Mastery Program  $997

This yearlong program is designed to help you create, implement, and maintain supportive self-care strategies that bring more balance to your life.

Is this you?

  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • You have trouble making self-care a priority
  • You are addicted to busyness
  • Your life often feels disorganized and chaotic
  • You want to learn how to set healthy boundaries

The Self-Care Mastery Program will help you build strength and resiliency to overcome life’s heavy moments with ease. Using the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care framework, you’ll design a personalized self-care plan that supports your greatest needs so you can up to your fullest potential.

This simple, yet powerful program will show you how to invest your time and energy in the areas of your life that bring you the greatest results.

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This Program includes:

Private Coaching
Over the first 3 months of the program, you’ll get nearly 6 hours of one-on-one coaching with Stacy via phone or Zoom video conference in three private sessions:

Self-Care Assessment. In this 45-minute session with Stacy, you’ll identify which self-care dimensions you’re supporting well and which areas need more of your attention and energy.

Self-Care Design Session. This 4-hour private session with Stacy will help you create a comprehensive self-care plan that addresses your greatest needs. You’ll select self-care activities from each of the 8 Dimensions of Self-care and establish a rhythm to weave them into your daily life.

Accountability Session. Two weeks after your design session, you’ll receive an additional 45-minute session with Stacy to make sure you’re making progress. Here, you’ll be able to ask questions, fine-tune your plan, and work through any obstacles you’ve encountered along the way.

Supportive Community
Over the course of the yearlong program, you’ll be invited to be part of a closed Facebook community of individuals who are on a similar self-care journey. In this safe, nonjudgmental space you can celebrate your successes, get support and encouragement, and find resources to help you overcome challenges. You’ll also have access to training videos, recordings of past Living Upp Book Club discussions, worksheets, and other resources.

Monthly live trainings (via Zoom) to get your questions answered and learn new self-care strategies and techniques. Recordings are also available in the online community if you can’t make it to the live training.

Self-Care Toolkit
Your toolkit will be mailed to you prior to your first session, and will include a Self-Care Mastery Manual, a copy of The Self-Care Planner, and a few other surprises to help you design and implement a self-care practice that you love.

You’ll be invited to attend the live 8-week Self-Care eCourse (launching in September 2018 — an additional $497 value as a gift to you), where you’ll be walked through each of the 8 Dimensions of Self-Care and shown how to create self-care experiments to grow and expand your practice. The eCourse is delivered via Zoom video conference.

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This program is designed to help you:

  • Explore new ways to practice self-care
  • Improve your health and reduce your health risks
  • Design and implement a self-care plan that enables you to live up to your fullest potential
  • Move away from being a passive recipient of healthcare and toward being the active director of your health and well-being
  • And so much more…

“Just a big THANK YOU, Stacy. This was such a treat…I thought I had the self-care area of my life handled. I love what came up and how you were able to help direct me with powerful questions. I really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it.” – Coaching Client

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