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The Lifestyle Design Accelerator experience is a full day of private coaching with Stacy, where you’ll leave with a personalized lifestyle plan that you can begin living right away.

During this 5-hour session together, we’ll assess your current lifestyle to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going well and what you want to change. Then, we’ll move through the lifestyle design process to establish some practical goals to get you there.

You won’t be left hanging after your Accelerator session, either, because you’ll also get a 3-Month FREE membership to the Lifestyle Design Studio, where you’ll receive ongoing support to help you stay committed and accountable.

This intensive coaching session is designed specifically for overfunctioners who:

  • Want more ease and balance
  • Need a safe place to try new self-care strategies
  • Find it difficult to share openly in group settings (most of our members are introverts)
  • Love personal growth and self-study
  • Know their current lifestyle is unsustainable
  • Need to set healthier boundaries
  • Sometimes feel invisible and have trouble using their voice
  • Are ready to establish a self-care practice that keeps them functioning at their highest level

As a private client, you’ll have Stacy’s full attention and focus while you co-create a lifestyle plan that aligns with your inner truth. You’ll get immediate answers to your questions, brainstorm creative solutions to your unique life circumstances, and begin building a foundation for the life you want to live every day.

Here’s what’s included in the Lifestyle Design Accelerator:

A Full Day of Coaching with Stacy
You’ll spend 5 hours with Stacy to work through the lifestyle design process and create your personalized plan. (Sessions are conducted via Zoom or Phone).

A Print Copy of The Self-Care Planner
To help you stay organized throughout the design process, you’ll receive a print copy of The Self-Care Planner.

Lifestyle Design Manual
You’ll receive a downloadable Lifestyle Design Manual, which includes training modules, journal prompts, worksheets, self-care activity lists, and other tips to help you begin tailoring your lifestyle plan. The manual also gives you the freedom to circle back to topics at your own pace at a time that’s most convenient for you.

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I’m Ready

As a BONUS, you’ll also receive:

A FREE 3-Month membership to the Lifestyle Design Studio! Here’s what’s included with your Studio membership:

Members Only Studio Access
Once enrolled, you’ll have immediate access to the Studio resources on the LivingUpp™ website, so you can get started with your lifestyle design right away. You’ll have at your fingertips a wide variety of self-study tools, like the Self-Care Starter Kit, the 8-Day Self-Care Challenge video series, a digital copy of Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living, and a host of other resources.

Self-Care Coaching
Every month we’ll dive deep into two areas of self-care, which means over the course of the year we’ll cover all 8 dimensions three times. These sessions will come in the form of pre-recorded videos that will be available both in the members-only area of the LivingUpp™ website and in the private Facebook group.
Monthly Planning Retreats
On the first Saturday morning of each month, you’ll be invited to join a LIVE 1-hour planning retreat via Zoom, where we’ll map out your goals, intentions, and tasks for the month ahead. (Recordings will be available as always.) You know all the things you say you wanna do? Yeah, we’re going to schedule them. Everything from changing the air filter in your home to joining a yoga studio to scheduling that doctor’s appointment. Done. Done. And done. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and get personalized support as time allows, so it’s a good idea to keep a running list of questions.
Weekly Design Challenges
In the private Facebook group, weekly challenges will be issued to help you take small, incremental steps toward your goals. You can either experiment with the suggested challenge or choose one that’s better suited to your goals. Either way, reporting in on your progress each week will help you stay accountable.
Lifestyle Design Manual
The Lifestyle Design Manual includes training modules on topics covered in my book, worksheets, journaling prompts, lists, and tips to help you begin experimenting with new strategies to tailor your lifestyle plan. You’ll have the freedom to go at your own pace at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Private Community
Connect with others in a private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to interact as little or as much as you like with an active community of other high-achievers who are committed to improving their health. Ask questions and in safe, nonjudgmental space and get support and encouragement from other brilliant members. You can also access monthly coaching call recordings in case you miss the live calls.

As a bonus, you’ll receive priority access to events and special pricing offers.


I’m Ready

During your session, we’ll cover a wide variety of topics depending on what is most relevant to you. Some topics may include:

  • Clarity. Are you unclear about what you want to do, be, have, and feel? Have you been so wrapped up in the daily grind, or caring for others, that you’ve lost your sense of self? Knowing what you REALLY want is the key to creating it.
  • Core Values. What are your indisputable truths? What do you believe in ? Uncover (or rediscover) your guiding, core values and principles.
  • Personal Brand. Do you have a personal brand — a solid sense of inner truth? Develop a unique personal brand that aligns with your values and personality so you can make decisions from that place.
  • Mindset Management. Do you get stuck in negative thinking patterns? Learn to cultivate a powerful mindset and stay focused on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.
  • Time Management. Is there never enough time to do everything you need to do, much less want to do? Learn to balance your time and use it more efficiently so you can do more of what you love. Planning and prioritizing are the keys to creating more time.
  • Energy Management. Do you feel exhausted a lot? Understand where your limits are — physically and emotionally — so you know when and how to recharge.
  • Eating Style. Do you struggle with honoring your body with healthy, nourishing food? Create a personal eating style that aligns with your beliefs and unique needs.
  • Boundaries. Do you have trouble saying no? Establish healthy boundaries that deepen your personal and professional relationships (and keep you from overfunctioning). Learn when to say yes and how to say no (with kindness).
  • Confidence. Do you need to build a stronger sense of self? Learn to stand confidently in your truth so you can do meaningful work in the world.
  • Self-Care. Do you know what refills your cup? Create a list of self-care activities that keep you functioning at your highest potential keep you grounded and focused.
  • Goal-Setting. Are your goals realistic and practical, yet meaningful enough to move you toward the lifestyle you are trying to create? How committed are you to your goals? (That will tell you if they’re the right ones.)
  • Knowing Your Enough. Do you know what your “enough” looks like? What do you need financially to meet your needs sufficiently? (The answer to How much is enough? isn’t “more”)
  • Resilience. Do you need a Survival Self-Care Plan to help you move through life’s unexpected storms more easily?
  • Simplicity. Are there ways to simplify your life, create more ease and balance, and clear the clutter (people, tasks, possessions)?
  • Purpose. Are you using your unique strengths and gifts to make a meaningful contribution to the world? Does how you earn your paycheck align with your life’s purpose?
  • Environment. How do you feel in the spaces where you spend the most time? What might need adjusted?

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