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February Self-Care Activities

self-care Feb 09, 2020

With a solid month now under your belt, it’s a good time to check in with the intentions you set back in December or January. Are you still in love with your goals? If not, maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board. 

In any case, there's still plenty of time to make adjustments, and having a supportive self-care plan will help you have enough energy to invest in your goals.

Here’s a list of some February self-care activities you may want to include this month:

Prepare a Seasonal Allergy Kit

If you struggle with seasonal allergies, it’s a good idea to prepare before the pollen starts making your life miserable. Every year, it seems like pharmacies run out of allergy medications early in the season. That's why stocking up on over-the-counter allergy medications now is a good idea. 

Update Your First Aid Kit

Since you’re already rummaging around in the cabinet to see if you still have any allergy meds left from last season, why not update your entire first aid kit while you're at it? Check for expired medications, make sure you have a sufficient supply of bandages, and reorganize your supplies so you can easily find what you need when you need it. This is also a great time to check the expiration dates on prescriptions that you may not use every day, like asthma inhalers and EpiPens. 

Wash Your Pillows

How often do you wash your pillows? I’m going to go ahead and admit that I didn’t even know you could wash pillows until recently. I’d been tossing them out and buying new ones. But not only did that create an unnecessary expense, I also felt guilty about the old ones ending up in a landfill somewhere. A quick wash will plump them up just like new.

Review Your Fire Safety Plan

Do you have a fire extinguisher* in the kitchen? How about near your fireplace(s)? Make sure you have the right types and number of fire extinguishers in your home. And if you live in a 2+ story home or apartment, consider getting a fire ladder* just in case. I keep mine tucked under the bed near the window.

Donate Books and Clothes

Books and clothes have a way of accumulating. Scan your bookshelves and remove the books you don’t plan to read again, and sort through your closet and donate what you no longer wear. It’s also a great time to see if any overly worn items need to be replaced.

Update Your Capsule Wardrobe

Since you’re already in the closet, why not update your capsule wardrobe while you’re at it? If you're new to the capsule wardrobe concept, it's an easy way to minimize the amount of clothing you own. Simply choose three to five colors that mix and max well, and you have an instant capsule wardrobe. 

Take a minute to decide if any of these February self-care activities are relevant in your life right now and add them to your calendar.

You can also find a list of 300+ self-care activities here.

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