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Going Inward

self-care Mar 20, 2020

We're being called to go inward.

As scary as that may be, especially if you're an overfunctioner who isn't used to having downtime, it's long overdue.

We've gotten so comfortable saying we're too busy to take care of ourselves that we've convinced ourselves it's true. We've neglected ourselves to support lifestyles that have caused us to lose sight of what's most important. And we've become so used to doing that we've forgotten all about being.

Self-care is more important than ever.

We're being called to go inward now to realign with what matters most -- our families, our health, and the health of our greater community. 

Without those things, nothing else matters.

Yes, silence can be uncomfortable.

Yes, going inward causes us to look at all the things we've been covering up with busyness, what we haven't yet felt ready to face. Whether it's your health, your finances, your relationships, or something else, going inward is where you'll find the peace you're looking for because it's where all the solutions live.

We're being invited to do some serious self-care, friends.

To the front-line healers of the world: Medical professionals, grocers and other service providers who are keeping us glued together right now -- I know you don't have as much time as the rest of us. I know you're using your gifts while walking into the unknown. Please know that we're here waiting to support you however we can. Thank you for being of service. We'll be practicing self-care so we can be of service to you.

This call to turn inward is our opportunity to reflect, release and realign.

Here are some thoughts to guide you through this process:


You're being asked to reflect. 

By reflecting on what's beneath the busyness, you can see more clearly what needs your attention. Is it your eating habits? Your fitness? The quality of your sleep? An unhealthy relationship? An unfulfilling career?

Take this time to reflect on the sources of your stress, as well as the things you're most grateful for. 


You're being asked to release. 

By releasing the distractions, possessions, behaviors, and thoughts that aren't serving you, you can create more space to invest your energy in what matters most.

Take this time to release what no longer serves you.


You're being asked to realign.

By realigning with your strengths, you can better serve your loved ones and your greater community.

Take this time to realign and rebalance your energy. 

How will you use this time to reflect, release and realign?

What will you do differently

This is what we'll be addressing next month in the Simplify Program. With so many of us struggling right now, we must do life differently. 

You're invited to simplify...

If you need some direction and guidance to refocus your energy, you're invited to Simplify.

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