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How to Simplify Your Life

self-care Jul 28, 2020

Does life feel overly complicated? Are you surrounded by clutter? Has your calendar taken on a life of its own? If so, you may be overfunctioning.

Busyness has become the norm. Day after day, we rush around from appointment to appointment, leaving little room for anything in between. And it's taking a serious toll on our health. 

In 2018, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 1 in 5 adults don’t think they’re doing enough to manage stress. And it shows. Ongoing stress has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Overfunctioning is stretching yourself beyond your capacity to the point that your well-being is negatively affected. Occasionally going above and beyond is one thing, but when it's the norm, you'll eventually find yourself running on fumes. And unless you have an effective strategy to refill your tank, sooner or later you'll have nothing left to give. And that can set you back even further.

But there's an alternative. Self-care can help you build a strong foundation, so you can be productive without overextending yourself. It helps you GSD without sacrificing your health in the process.

LivingUpp's self-care framework and lifestyle design process offer practical strategies to help you create more ease and better health. One of the most effective ways to calm the chaos is to simplify. By simplifying your lifestyle, you'll eliminate the things that are getting in the way of your joy.

The Simplify program is an online course designed to guide you through the process of exploring key areas of your life, so you can find simpler ways of living and being. 

If life feels like a struggle, here are some ways you can simplify your life right now:

Get Organized

Be honest: Are you disorganized? If you frequently struggle to find what you need when you need it, spend the majority of your time putting out fires, or fail to meet deadlines on a regular basis, you might need some help with getting organized.

The Self-Care Planner* is designed to help you keep self-care at the top of your list while you juggle all the pieces of your life.

The planner helps you assess and prioritize your needs, make adjustments to your daily routines, and stay focused on what's most important. 

Clear the Clutter

How do you feel when you're surrounded by clutter? You know...those stacks of paper, piles of laundry, and other random knick-knacks that mysteriously migrate to the tops of desks and tables?

Does that environment make you feel calm or do you feel unsettled? While there are some exceptions, cluttered environments generally lead to cluttered minds. If you're constantly spending time reorganizing or dusting off your possessions, it might be time to clear the clutter

The more stuff you have, the more energy you’ll have to pour into dusting, organizing and moving it around.

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, rightsizing can be a real biotch. The reason we shove so many things into the dark hole in our closets is that we know it’s going to require a lot of time when we start going down the “reorganizing” road. It’s like we innately know that reorganizing isn’t the answer, so we put it off over and over again.

But rightsizing your possessions can also be a liberating experience because it brings you back to what's most important, what brings you joy. it helps you clear space for new ideas, new experiences, and new

Learn more about the SIMPLIFY program here.

If you're realizing that you waste a lot of time moving your possessions around, it might be time to adjust your life collection. 

Struggling to downsize? Ask yourself this question: Does this item bring me joy or serve a purpose currently? If it no longer serves a purpose, it might be time to pass it along to someone else who needs it.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can keep us from tending to the important things in life--our relationships, personal and professional goals, and even our health.

If your to-do list doesn't align with what you've said is most important, then you might be wasting time on distractions. Whether it's a commitment you regret making or a task that gives yo uan excuse to not address what needs to be done, distractions can keep us from achieving our goals.

If your time is being consumed by random tasks and putting out fires, consider rearranging your to-do list and making sure how you're spending your time is supporting your goals and priorities.

If your plate is full, it’s full.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Are you the person who says 'yes' to everything because you can't stand the idea of letting anyone down?

If so, you may need to reassess your boundaries. Learning to say 'no' with grace is an effective way to create more ease. Having clear boundaries means that you'll probably have to decline requests or invitations from time to time. Get comfortable with these phrases to avoid over-committing yourself: 

  • Maybe next time.
  • Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it.
  • My schedule is full right now, but I’d love to join you next time.

And if all else fails, a simple 'no' should do the trick.

By learning how to set boundaries in a loving way, you’ll not only protect your own energy, but you’ll also show others that you care about them. Healthy boundaries build stronger relationships

Remember, there's no need to explain yourself when you create or enforce a boundary. You get to choose what you say 'yes' to, and you're not obligated to give an explanation. 

Edit Your Inner Circle

Does your inner circle need a makeover? Are you surrounded by people who bring you down, constantly criticize you, or take advantage of you? Or does your tribe encourage you and lift you up?

By carefully selecting an inner circle that shares your values and vision, you'll be more likely to be successful with your goals. 

Spend more time with people who are positive and solution-oriented rather than those who are invested in complaining, pointing out errors, or manipulating you.

By carefully examining who’s in your inner circle, you'll naturally experience more ease.

Create Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces are those special places you can retreat to when you feel depleted and need to recover from the world’s demands.

It may or may not be spiritual in nature, but it's a place that you feel good.

What you choose to do in your sacred space is up to you, but these spaces are generally a great place to practice the self-care strategies that require solitude: meditation, journaling, yoga, smudging, praying, among others. Having a sacred space helps you stay grounded and focused.

Ready to Simplify?

The SIMPLIFY online course covers all of these areas and more. The course includes twelve learning modules that guide you through the process of examining each area of your life, and finding simpler ways of living and being. Learn more about the course here.

Sometimes the best approach to creating a life you love isn't to add things, but to eliminate them. And that's what the Simplify course is designed to help you do.



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