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Right Now

self-care Mar 26, 2020

How many times have you read or said the words "right now" in the past few weeks? Go ahead. Take a quick scroll through your recent news feed headlines, journal entries, and posts from friends and you'll see what I mean.

We're all living in the right now.

Suddenly, the past and future aren't quite as significant as they once were -- and for a lot of us, that feels extremely uncomfortable. 

That's because most of us are conditioned to living in the future. We skip over the right now and rush toward what's coming next -- the next deadline, paying off debts, and dreaming of retirement so we can finally do all the things we've been putting off for later. 

Our addiction to busyness has kept us from living in the right now.

But right now is all we have in times of uncertainty.

(And the truth is, it's all we've ever really had to begin with.)

This call to go inward is a call to find comfort in the present moment.

Right now is where we...

  • assess our essential needs.
  • prioritize where to invest our energy.
  • envision the future we want to experience.
  • plan to manifest the future we envisioned. 
  • commit to taking specific actions.
  • manifest our fullest potential.

That's lifestyle design in action. 

Lifestyle design is about using the resources you have right now to create the life you want. It's about enlisting your natural gifts and finding creative ways to roll through challenges. It's about picking yourself up again when you fall.

As you move through the process of assessing, prioritizing, envisioning, planning, committing and manifesting, you'll naturally feel more calm and focused. 

If you need some help making the most of the resources you have right now and figuring out where to go from here, there's a spot for you in the Simplify Program.

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