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Self-Care and Personal Branding with Kim Peterson

In this episode of Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Kim Peterson, a personal brand & style consultant at Uniquely Savvy, about self-care and personal branding.

Watch the full interview here.

Kim works with individuals and organizations to help them get more aligned with their inner truth so they can achieve success and fulfillment with greater ease.

The topic of personal branding is something that a lot of my clients at LivingUpp struggle with because it takes time to connect all the dots of who we are.

I've written in the past about how empowering it was to work with a wardrobe stylist to uncover my unique sense of style, but personal brands also extend beyond the closet. Getting clear about our personal brand makes life a whole lot easier. From our writing style, to the way we speak, to our comfort level in social settings -- when we know who we are it doesn't take as much work to be that person.

What is a personal brand?

"Everyone has a brand," Kim explained.

Whether you recognize it or not, your personal brand is your identity. It's your story, your way of being.

Your personal brand is the thumb print you leave on everything you say or do. But recognizing your personal brand can be tricky. It takes a commitment to examining your inner truth carefully -- your unique values, preferences, and character.

This idea of inner truth is something I explore a lot with clients at LivingUpp, and it falls within the Luminescent Dimension of Self-Care. For those who are brand new to self-care, I often recommend they begin with this dimension because it lays the groundwork for how they live and care for themselves in all the other areas of their life.

Just like a business plan, having a solid personal brand gives you something to come back to when you get distracted or find yourself off course.

Your personal brand is a carefully curated collection of your values, and serves as your North star when it comes to decision-making. It helps you say 'yes' to what's in alignment with who you are, and it makes it easier to pass on opportunities that aren't a good fit.

"Where your values are clear, your decisions are easy," Kim explains.

But the more important thing to ask is this: Are you managing your brand or are you allowing someone else to define and manage it for you? 

When we accept the beliefs of others, and the opinions they have about us, we're allowing them to manage our personal brand.

Make sure you're the one managing your brand.

What is the process you use to help people uncover their personal brand?

Kim's process for helping clients uncover their brand includes taking a close look at what makes them unique. "The first step is to take them through a self-discovery process," she says.

By completing a comprehensive questionnaire, clients can explore their skills, talents, weaknesses, passions, and other aspects of their truth.

According to Kim, "What makes this unique is that it not only looks at the positive things, but also the limiting beliefs and challenging chapters."

Limiting beliefs can stifle our growth, both professionally and personally, whether they're beliefs that others have put on us, or ones we've put on ourselves. 

To gain clarity about your brand, you must look at the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way and eroding your self-confidence. 

Reflecting on the adverse chapters of our life remind us of what we've overcome, and this is the step that helps us build confidence. 

What do you wish more of your clients knew about uncovering their personal brand?

"I wish that everybody knew that while personal branding is absolutely beneficial for your career success, it is absolutely liberating to who you are as an individual," explains Kim. "It's a two-for-one deal."

I have to agree. Investing in the process of discovering who we are is absolutely liberating. This investment is a form of self-care. It says, I'm worth spending time on.

Because when you're healthy and supporting yourself well, you can show up more fully for other people. And we can only love and care for others as well as we love and care for ourselves.

How do you practice self-care personally?

Kim practices self-care every single day. Her strategies include taking naps, carving out quiet time, and soul care (spiritual meditations, inspirational readings, etc.). She also schedules her days not based on white space, but on energy. By better managing her energy -- giving herself enough space to recharge between commitments - she can better serve her clients.

Kim believes self-care helps us... 

  • Own our brand
  • Attract more success
  • Align with what we want
  • Have more confidence
  • Receive more opportunities

In closing, Kim offered this nugget of wisdom: "No matter what your role or aspirations, people need to buy into YOU before they buy your products or services, or throw your name in the hat for a promotion."

How to connect with Kim

Kim works both one-on-one as a branding coach and wardrobe stylist, and also as a speaker for groups and organizations.

To learn more about Kim's services, you can find her here:

Website: http://www.uniquelysavvy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniquelySavvy/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_uniquelysavvy/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/uniquelysavvyinc/about/

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