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Self-Care and Personality Type with Jennifer Kim

In this episode of LivingUpp's Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Jennifer Kim, a certified professional career coach, about self-care & personality type

Jennifer spent 15 years as a successful dentist before she realized it was the wrong career choice for her. In her practice at Balanced Path Coaching, she now works with small business owners to help them find balance and fulfillment in their work and personal lives.

Watch the full interview here

What is personality type?

"Personality type reflects how you're innately wired to be in this world," Jennifer explains. Our personality type helps us answer questions like, What do I love to do? and What am I best at?

This topic falls within the Luminescent Dimension of Self-Care - how you illuminate your inner truth, and the reason it's so important to know your type is that it helps you connect the dots of who you are. And that gives you more self-confidence to show up and make the contribution to the world that you were designed for.

"The problem with not knowing your personality type is that you can end up doing things you don't like and are actually not good for you," says Jennifer. "When you do things you don't like to do, or you're not good at, your putting your body into a low-grade chronic stress."

Knowing your personality type helps you pivot and find more ways to use your natural strengths. 

Kim recommends spending 80% of your time doing things that you love and things that you're good at. Because when you're aligned with your strengths, work and life just feel easier.

How does know our personality type serve us in our day-to-day lives?

Once you understand your personality type, you can then make better choices about how you spend your time. For example, if you're an introvert who doesn't thrive in social settings, networking might be something you can delegate to someone else.

It gives you reassurance that you can say 'no' to things that aren't serving you. And you'll have a happier and more fulfilling life as a result. 

Being able to respond to invitations with, "That's just not something that I love to do." is empowering.

What's the best way to uncover our personality type?

There are many different assessments you can use to determine your personality type. Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Enneagram are popular right now. 

But because her results have changed a number of times over the years using the Myers Briggs Assessment, Jennifer prefers to use the Core Values Index Personality Type Assessment in her practice.

You can take the CVI Assessment here

"The CVI Assessment was the one that resonated with me the most," says Kim. "When I saw my results I said, 'Oh my gosh, this is totally me,' and it was the first time i felt understood."

The CVI was originally developed for companies to help ensure employees were best suited for the roles they were in. 

Now, Jennifer uses CVI Assessment and other tools to guide clients through the process of identifying their greatest strengths and core values. That information helps them reshape their lives in a way that is better aligned with who they are.

If you're wondering what the best age is to begin learning about personality type, Jennifer suggests age 8 as a good starting place. 

Jennifer recommends that parents have their kids take the assessment to give them insights about how to best parent. Knowing the personality type of our family members helps us understand why the do what they do, and allows us to be more compassionate.

It's a good idea to take a couple of different tests to see which results really jump out at you.

What are some ways we can live in greater alignment with our personality type?

For business owners, Kim often has clients write down 5 to 7 things that they're good at so they can really own them. Reflecting on how those skills and strengths show up in your day-to-day life can be empowering.

Finding more ways to apply your unique strengths is essential to your overall happiness. 

That's why understanding your personality type is an act of self-care. The more you understand yourself, the more adjustments you can make to show up more fully and make a greater contribution.  

Knowing your personality type "gives you more space to be who you really are," says Kim. So many of us are overscheduled and overcommitted that there's simply no space left.

Setting boundaries becomes easier, too. Learning how to say "Let me give this some thought and get back to you." gives us space to consider if the opportunity is really a good fit for our personalty type. 

How do you practice self-care personally?

"Back when I was a dentist and my kids were really young, I had no self-care," Jennifer explained. "Every day felt like groundhog day."

"I would stay up late at night watching Netflix and the next morning I would shoot out of bed like a cannonball. I started my day with stress and it set the whole tone of my day," she said.

"And then I read a book called the Miracle Morning* by Hal Elrod, and it changed my life. Now, every single day I do my morning success routine before my kids are up. It involves meditation, visualization, journaling, and reading. I have a 7-step routine and that routine has completely changed my life."

"It charges my battery. It makes me remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. It makes me feel grounded in my day. And it allows me to show up as my best version of me."

When you understand what you're strengths are it's the fist step to having a life of purpose and fulfillment.

And that is how you share your greatest gifts with the world.

Want to connect with Jennifer?

To connect with Jennifer and learn more about her coaching services, visit her website or find her on Facebook.

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