What's Your Self-Care Archetype?

Sep 23, 2020

The Self-Care Pathway is your roadmap to more ease and better health. It's a path that requires a solid self-care foundation, a deep understanding of who you are at your core, and clarity about how you want to experience your life. 

Each of us is somewhere along this pathway. Sometimes we're moving forward. Sometimes we're moving backward. Sometimes we're climbing upward. And sometimes it feels like we're descending.

But the objective is to keep moving forward no matter what is happening to or around us.

LivingUpp's 8 Dimensions of Self-Care offers a holistic framework that helps you examine eight key areas of your life, so you can identify where to invest your time, attention, energy, and resources. This framework is designed to help you build the strength and confidence you need to do bold things and live in alignment with your purpose. 

Self-Care Archetypes are the basis of the success pathway. They serve as your guides, helping you understand which self-care strategies are best suited for your needs at any given moment in time. 

Overview of the Self-Care Success Pathway

The Self-Care Success Pathway involves the following three archetypes: the Survivor, the Designer, and the Manifestor

Each archetype has unique challenges and needs, so knowing where to focus your attention and energy is the key to moving forward into the next stage in the pathway. 

This video offers an overview of the Self-Care Success Pathway.

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Here's a brief overview of the three self-care archetypes: Survivor, Designer, and Manifestor:

The Survivor Archetype

This video offers an overview of the Survivor Self-Care Archetype.

The Survivor Self-Care Archetype is all about surviving the moment. Whenever you find yourself with this as your most prominent archetype, you're likely in survival mode.

Survivors can easily be consumed by fear. They often feel emotionally drained, and they struggle to see possibilities and solutions because they are exhausted. 

Those with the Survivor Archetype are often in the midst of a life-changing circumstance -- the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a decline in health, or a change in employment status. These big life transitions can leave them feeling paralyzed, depressed, and fearful about their future.  

In survival mode, resources are often limited, so Survivors must find creative ways to solve problems, learn to use their time efficiently, and know how and when to ask for help. 

If your archetype is the Survivor, focus on tiny acts of self-care. Give yourself grace, the space to grieve, and an opportunity to process all the possible options and solutions to move your forward. This will help you transition into the Designer Archetype.

The Designer Archetype

This video offers an overview of the Designer Self-Care Archetype.

The Designer Self-Care Archetype is all about building a strong self-care foundation. Those with this dominant archetype are exploring new forms of self-care with the resources available to them, experimenting with new routines and rituals, and selecting the strategies that best serve their needs.

The Designer is clear about their needs, priorities, and goals, and they actively seek out opportunities that create more ease and balance.

If your archetype is the Designer, focus on building strong self-care roots and creating daily rituals that support your greatest needs. This will help you recover quickly from setbacks and unexpected curveballs that life inevitably throws our way, so you can transition into the Manifestor Archetype.

The Manifestor Archetype

This video offers an overview of the Designer Self-Care Archetype.

The Manifestor Self-Care Archetype is all about living in alignment with your purpose. With this archetype leading the way, you'll spend more time in flow, experience more joy, and have a bigger capacity to be in service to others.

Manifestors are co-creators who are clear about what they need to do in this world, but are open as to how it all unfolds. They see challenges as opportunities for expansion and growth, and they recover quickly from setbacks. They are in tune with their intuition, and they set intentions that tend to materialize quickly and easily.

For Manifestors, life feels easy. Saying 'no' feels good because setting and honoring boundaries comes naturally. They live their personal brand consistently, and they show up confidently no matter where they are or who they're with.

If your archetype is the Manifestor, focus on finding more ways to enlist your strengths. This will help you make a more meaningful contribution to the world.

What's your Self-Care Archetype?

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