Book Club Discussion: Unprocessed (Megan Kimble)

What is your definition of processed?

The word processed has developed quite the reputation, but its definition is ambiguous at best.

In Unprocessed, author Megan Kimble describes her personal experience with defining and establishing her own parameters around her threshold of processing. From learning to bake her own bread to making salt from ocean water, Kimble shares her journey toward understanding what it’s like to eat real food. What does it take to truly adopt and unprocessed eating style?

She encountered several challenges along the way–especially in determining which ingredients or processing methods suggested that a food was “processed.” For instance, is beer processed simply because it undergoes fermentation?

The evening’s discussion centered around the idea that food choices and eating styles are personal, and our choices are made in varying contexts. What we care about in terms of how our food was grown, harvested, packaged and delivered differs depending on our personal value systems and paradigms.

We acknowledged that some of our food choices are often less about ingredient quality or aesthetics and more about what and who we are supporting with our purchase. As consumers, we do have some power in that we can place our money in the hands of people whose practices are beneficial to both the environment and our health.

What it comes down to is that we give attention and resources to the things we care about, and food is definitely something that we should care about.