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Are You a Misunderstood Martyr?

Stephanie Myer headshot

In this episode of Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Stephanie Myer, The Martyr Coach, to better understand what it means to be a martyr. It’s a label that carries a lot of judgment. As Myer describes on her website, “Martyrs can be put down, eye-rolled and snickered at. We’re seen as melodramatic, self-imposed victims […]

Learning the Art of Forgiveness with Brenda Reiss

Do you struggle with forgiveness? In this episode of Conversations with Smart People, I interviewed Brenda Reiss, a Forgiveness Coach in the Greater Seattle area who helps clients navigate the process of forgiveness. I don’t know about you, but this is a tough one for me. I mean, I understand the concept of forgiveness, but […]

Using Self-Care to Navigate Addiction

In this episode of Living Upp’s Conversations with Smart People, I talk with Shar Jones of Beyond Hope Radio about using self-care to navigate addiction. Shar, whose beautiful daughter is struggling with substance abuse, talks about her personal journey as a mother, doing her best to balance self-care with being a supportive caregiver. “To say that […]

Stop Using Your Body As a Trash Can with Cynthia Lair

bright leafy greens

Cynthia Lair, nutrition and culinary arts professor at Bastyr University, and author of Feeding the Whole Family, reminds us just how important mindfulness is when it comes to nourishing our bodies. (After all, we’re not goats, people!) Listen to the podcast here: Cynthia’s lighthearted thoughts on the benefits of developing a personal relationship with food […]

Showing Up With Intention: An Interview with Wardrobe Stylist Lisa Fischer

Lisa Fischer Styling headshot

Do you have a personal brand? Are you “showing up” in a way that enables you to project your unique inner truth? In this podcast, Lisa Fischer of Lisa Fischer Styling shines some light on how the process of establishing a personal brand is a courageous act of self-care. Listen to the full interview here: […]

Building an Artificial Pancreas: An Interview with Dana Lewis

pink diabetes supply kit

When most of us think about patient empowerment, we think about choosing a health care provider or researching treatment options. But Dana Lewis took patient empowerment to a whole new level in 2013, when she set out to find a solution for a small problem: the alarm on her insulin monitor wasn’t waking her up at night to […]

Celebrating Moms with Leanne Kabat of Mamacon

headshot of Leanne Kabat of Mamacon in Seattle, WA

I’m always on the lookout for people with interesting messages and stories to share for this Conversations with Smart People blog series. Like so many others that I’ve interviewed over the past two years, I knew right away when I met Leanne that her contagious enthusiasm for life simply had to be shared. As I’ve gotten […]

Keeping Safe Food with Mary Angela Miller

When it comes to protecting your plate from food-borne illnesses, Mary Angela Miller is the authority. I first met her back in the early 2000’s, when I was just beginning my career in dietetics. Suffice it to say that she’s one of those people you can’t help but remember. Her enthusiasm and light-hearted personality just sort […]

Getting (And Staying) Organized with Debbie Rosemont

woman wearing a purple shirt and green scarf

When I first met Debbie, I was intrigued by the notion that there was a correlation between the amount of clutter we have in our lives and the amount of stress we experience. After leaving my corporate career behind to take a sabbatical in 2015, I used the time to ask myself some difficult questions. […]

Happy Parenting with Sheila Storrer

When I started this Conversations with Smart People blog series last year, I wanted it to be a special place where I could share interesting stories about interesting people who are doing interesting things. I met Sheila Storrer a few weeks ago, and knew immediately that she was special. While I may not have any children of my […]