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Learn how to incorporate more whole foods into your self-care practice to optimize nutrition.

What is Real Food?

Let’s be honest. Transitioning to a real food eating style is like trying to spread cold butter on toast. It’s tricky until you warm up to it. But while we inherently know that real food is healthier for us, we’ve become increasingly disconnected from the sources of our food and more reliant on convenience foods. With so many […]

Nutrient Declines in U.S. Produce (and What to Do About It)

Bright green curly lettuce

Over the past 50 to 70 years, the concentration of nutrients in U.S. fruits and vegetables has been declining — by about 5% to 40%, according to researchers at the University of Texas. But the reason for those nutrient declines is where things get sketchy. What is the primary cause of the decline? Is our soil depleted? […]

Wild vs Farmed Fish: Which is Better?

healthy salmon salad

The wild vs farmed fish debate continues to be controverisal, and there are risks and benefits associated with both options. Perhaps the better question is this: which is right for you? Wild vs Farmed Those in the “wild” camp argue that there are more health benefits associated with fish that are allowed to roam freely in the […]

The Illusion of Othorexia

Orthorexia a term used to describe those who are obsessed or preoccupied with healthy eating. You know the type. They have a long list of foods they can’t eat, they read labels meticulously and can immediately identify “bad” foods or ingredients, and they often judge or criticize the food choices of others. You may be […]

What’s Your Definition Of Processed Food?

Processed food has a bad rap. But if you consider what the term processed actually means, you’d probably agree with me that not all processed foods are necessarily unhealthy. Several years ago, I asked a handful of people from various backgrounds and professions how they defined “processed” food. Here were their responses: “Altered from its […]