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Top Self-Care Idea Lists of 2018

Have searched for “self-care ideas” lately? When I first published this article back in 2016, there were roughly 17,900,000 results on Google — today, there are 23,400,000. Can there really be that many more ideas? Probably. Self-care is limitless. By enlisting our creativity, we can come up with endless possibilities for taking good care of ourselves. Once […]

Self-Care Activity List: 366 Ideas

8 Dimensions of Self-Care

Having trouble coming up with fun and interesting self-care ideas? Last year, I took on a self-care challenge. For each of the 366 days in 2016, I experimented with a new self-care activity and then blogged about it. What would you add to the list? Be creative and come up with your own bucket list of […]

Nature and Music at Rosario Resort and Spa

For part of our recent visit to the San Juan Islands, we stayed at the Rosario Resort and Spa. I had expected it to be nice, but I wasn’t prepared to feel the richness of its history. Shipbuilder Robert Moran was a successful businessman, but was not immune to the stressors that came along with […]

A Permaculture Oasis: Visiting the Bullock’s Family Homestead

root cellar with wooden door

There’s something very special about the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and it’s no accident that it’s also where the Bullock family has chosen to call home. The Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island is evidence that human beings are capable of great things. My husband and I love new experiences, so we chose to […]

What I Learned from My 1-Year Facebook Hiatus

drinking coffee and using a mobile device

One year ago today I rejoined Facebook after taking a 1-year hiatus. I decided it had become a negative source of energy for me, and a distraction that kept me from planning and reaching my goals. But more than that, I wanted to see if I could do it. Multiple times a day I would catch […]

Talking To Strangers

Sometimes a brief conversation with a stranger can be life-changing. Recently, I was talking with a woman who grew up in Vietnam. I listened intently as she described working in rice fields as a young girl. She remembered being in a state of constant fear as she worked alongside her family. Animal attacks were not uncommon because the tall […]

What I Learned Traveling Europe by Campervan

dinner at the campsite in Switzerland

In 2012, my husband and I spent almost three weeks exploring five European countries in a rented campervan. For someone who is used to structure and well thought out vacation plans, it was an exercise in planned spontaneity for me, to say the least. We arrived in Munich with no firm plans other than where […]

Gratitude for Mrs. Lechman

I have been exchanging Christmas cards with my high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Lechman, for the past 20 years. Some people are just special – and you know it the moment you meet them. They are mentors, encouragers and challengers. They see our capabilities and push us toward them, and they don’t accept less from […]

The Beauty of Imperfection: Lessons From a Corks and Canvas Event

painting of trees and water with reds, blues and yellows

I am not that artistic. I mean, I occasionally doodle and I once taught myself to crochet by watching You Tube videos. I may have glossed over a few key instructions because my afghans are shaped more like trapezoids than rectangles to this day. Even so, they are equally warm in all shapes, and I’ve yet to […]