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10 Signs You Need a Self-Care Practice

woman overwhelmed by stress

In a culture that rewards us for putting the needs of others before our own, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-neglect. Habits like not getting enough sleep, skipping meals, and grabbing unhealthy meals on the go can have a negative impact on our health when they become part of our normal routine. Our […]

Mushrooms, Health and Self-Care

paul stamets with a giant mushroom

Before I dive too far into this post, I want to point out that plucking up random mushrooms from your backyard and eating them is a really dumb idea. There are a growing number of known health benefits associated with our fungal friends, but there are plenty of reasons to exercise caution, the most obvious of which […]

The Tent City Next Door

It’s impossible not to notice Seattle’s vibrant homeless communities, sometimes called “tent cities.” I visited one recently and it was a powerfully positive experience. The reason for my visit was primarily to gain a better understanding of the needs, challenges, and living conditions of tent city residents; but, perhaps more importantly, to learn how I […]