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Learn how to design a self-care plan and incorporate fun self-care activities into your daily practice.

Lessons From a Solo Trip in a Sprinter Van

Whenever people hear that I traveled solo from Seattle, WA to Ocala, FL in a Sprinter van, they usually want to know one of two things: 1) What was it like traveling solo as a woman? and/or 2) How much did it cost? This post offers a glimpse into some of the highlights of my […]

You’ll Remember It Differently

“You’ll remember it differently.” That’s what my therapist said to me while I sobbed hysterically from her couch. I didn’t believe her. At the time I was struggling to accept just how broken my marriage was, and my crying spells were so frequent and so violent that I was certain I’d ruptured a vital organ, […]

5 Tips for Planning Your Best Year Yet

The cover of The Self-Care Planner by Stacy Fisher

This is the year. This is your moment to do things differently. Getting a head start on your new year planning sets the stage for your entire year. It helps you stay focused on what’s most important and avoid distractions that keep you from making steady progress toward your goals. Here are 5 tips for […]