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Learn how to design a self-care plan and incorporate fun self-care activities into your daily practice.

How to Create Daily Rituals

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Daily Rituals Daily rituals help you stay organized and focused on what’s most important in your life. But what exactly is a ritual? It’s a fancy way of describing a personal routine or practice. Simply put, rituals are self-care habits. They are the things you do consistently every day to create the lifestyle you desire–what […]

The Emotive Dimension of Self-Care

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The Emotive Dimension of Self-Care involves how you express yourself and respond to the things that happen around you. When you experience intense emotions—especially when life doesn’t go the way you want it to—it’s easy to look for ways to numb or distract yourself. But learning how to manage your emotions is essential if you […]

Mindful Organizing with Ellia Harris

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In this episode of Living Upp’s Conversations with Smart People, I talked with Ellia Harris of Mindful Organizing about the process of decluttering as an act of self-care. If topics like perfectionism, procrastination, and productivity stir up some emotions for you, this article may be just the reality check you need. In this interview, Ellia […]

The Systemic Dimension of Self-Care

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The Systemic Dimension of Self-Care helps guide you toward healthier habits related to eating, moving, and resting. Are you honoring your body with real, nourishing foods? Are you moving it sufficiently? Are you getting enough restful sleep so it has time to recover from the demands you place on it? This dimension allows you to […]

On Grieving and Self-Care

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Five years ago today, my life changed dramatically and unexpectedly. It wasn’t so much that I was blind-sided—after all, my intuition had known the truth for quite some time—it was simply that a sequence of events had escalated to the point that I could no longer deny the truth. And that’s the moment my grieving […]