Self-Care Challenge (Day 12): Getting Equipped for Fitness

tennis shoes walking on a path

On day 12 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored getting equipped for fitness — in this case, upgrading a key piece of fitness equipment: athletic shoes.

Having the right exercise equipment can make all the difference, and footwear is no exception.

If you’re a walker, hiker, runner, or tennis player, then good shoes are particularly important. Over time, repetitive motion can take a toll on your shoes, and if poor footwear is neglected for too long, injuries aren’t far behind. In a way, shoes are a bit like tires. Sometimes you can repair them, but eventually they’ll need to be replaced.

My self-care activity yesterday was to purchase a new pair of running shoes. Recently I’ve noticed that my feet have been sore after activities that never used to bother me, which makes me think it’s time to re-purpose my current pair and use them for home projects instead.

Recommendations vary when it comes to how often running shoes should be replaced, but according to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, the typical life span is about 350 to 500 miles. (That’s approximately 161 – 5K events, so if you’re not a running fanatic your shoes should last a while.)

Many specialty running stores even have machines that measure your stride to give more precise recommendations. But while technology can be helpful, I’ve found nothing beats trial by pavement. A cute pair of kicks might feel comfortable enough at the store, but after a solid workout they may not deliver on their promises.

Proper footwear isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a wellness tool that helps us achieve our fitness goals.

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