Self-Care Challenge (Day 17): Enjoying a Sunset

On day 17 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the simple pleasure of enjoying a sunset. And I realized that I need to do it more often.

Ending the day with a beautiful Belizean sunset was like a long kiss goodnight, especially after 15 hours of travel. Taking in the sunset allowed me a few moments of stillness to express gratitude for the gift of breath, and of life, for yet another day. While living can be brutally painful at times, there are snapshots of beauty in every day…if we choose to notice them.

After an unexpected fog layer made it impossible for our pilot to see the runway in Belize City yesterday, we were eventually diverted to Cancun for fuel while we waited for the fog to clear. Instead of being irritated by the delay, I chose to sit back and enjoy the breathtaking ocean views that I would not have seen otherwise.

It made me wonder why we ever expect anything in life to go according to plan anyway. Why can’t we simply experience the moments as they are? The unreasonable expectations that we create in our minds only lead to disappointment.

Sunsets celebrate today, but also invite the anticipation of tomorrow — whatever it may bring.

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