Self-Care Challenge (Day 19): Fly Fishing

Two women fly fishing in Belize

On day 19 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the art of fly fishing with world-renowned instructor, Lori-Ann Murphy.

Before Monday, I had never properly held a fly rod in my life. I had only listened (with skepticism) to my husband’s tall fishing tales and complained about having to step over the entangled mess of strewn out fly line on our boat.

But Belize seemed like a logical place to change all of that.

Just minutes after a quick casting lesson from Lori-Ann, I was reeling in my very first bonefish. (It’s not the size that matters, people.)

Much like swinging a golf club, casting a fly line is a skill of precision. And as a beginner, I had an equal chance of hooking myself in the eye as landing a good cast. But that was all part of the fun.

While the fishing itself was enjoyable, just being on the water was equally satisfying. The warm sun was a welcome change from the dark, rainy weather back home, and I could have just as easily spent the day sitting in a boat admiring the wildlife among the mangroves.

By midday, the reflection of the sun looked like glittery confetti sprinkled across the water. The moon and sun were both hung high in the sky, as if competing for the best view.

I’m pretty sure that I dreamed about fly fishing last night, and I now understand why angling is so addicting for many. The words “Strip it! Strip it! Strip it!” are firmly planted in my mind, and I hope to continue practicing these newly acquired skills when I return home.

Learning new things is one of my favorite aspects of self-care – the opportunities are endless when we keep our curious minds open.

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