Self-Care Challenge (Day 26): Getting a Massage

rock cairn

On day 26 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored getting a massage, which has become staple within my personal practice.

I’ve been getting a massage every month for more than two years now, and it’s become such a routine part of my self-care system that I couldn’t imagine life without it.

Massage helps relieve muscle tension and stress, but most of all it creates a calming environment to rest my brain. I’m a perpetual “thinker” and it can be challenging to quiet my mind. Even during treatments, I find that I’m constantly having to redirect myself to stay present in the moment.

I’m sure some people see massage therapy as a luxury, but I have to disagree. Sure, at some of the higher-end spas you might spend $300 or more for a massage. But my membership runs $49.99 per month, which is one-third of the cost of having a $5 specialty coffee every day.

Massage is so important to me that I categorize it as health care on my home budget. From my perspective, massage is self-care, a form of preventive health care. Stress can take a significant physical and emotional toll on our health, and I would much rather spend money on this side of the equation than the medical treatment side.

However you choose to manage stress and tension, it’s wise to create a regular schedule. If you wait until you are experiencing excessive amounts of stress, you’ve missed the opportunity to prevent it.

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