Self-Care Challenge (Day 36): Writing a Haiku

EggI’m always up for a good pun or an inappropriate play on words, but I have to admit I’ve never had much interest in most kinds of poetry. That all changed when I discovered the haiku. 

I love that they are succinct, playful observations about the world. And while we often hear that “words have meaning,” sometimes they’re just for fun. Haikus usually consists of three simple lines made up of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables, respectively. Some are logical; others leave you guessing.

Like paint or fabric, words can be used as an art medium to help us us look at life differently. Likewise, art becomes a form of self-care when we use it to express our feelings, diffuse stress, or simply bring our personality to life. 

My self-care practice for the day was to craft my own haiku (of course it’s related to chickens): 

Chickens at my feet.
So clucking hilarious.
I can’t help but smile.



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