Self-Care Challenge (Day 50): Volunteering at the Food Bank

On day 50 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored volunteerism, specifically volunteering at my local food bank.

Two summers ago, I began volunteering at a local demonstration garden near our home. The experience allowed me not only to begin connecting with my community in a more meaningful way, but it also gave me the opportunity to learn some new gardening skills.

What makes this garden even more special is that its harvest gets donated to the local food bank. I was quite familiar with the gardening aspects, I had never seen what happened to the food after it left the soil.

Yesterday, as part of my self-care journey, I volunteered at the local food bank, and impressive community organization. Last year alone it provided over one million pounds of food to local residents.

It takes a small army to run the bank. Employees and volunteers diligently sort, stock and place items in their appropriate storage areas. Some are devoted to assisting shoppers with loading groceries into their car or wheeled cart; while others work on verifying food quality as donations come through the door.

There is a genuine feeling of warmth within the organization, and it was an honor to have been able to participate in the great work being done there.

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