Self-Care Challenge (Day 52): Tasting

purlple grapes in Napa, California

On day 52 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the delightful art of wine tasting.

Wine tasting can be a fun way to explore new wine varietals without committing to an entire bottle of something you don’t particularly enjoy.

My husband and I spent an afternoon exploring some local wineries, sampling a few labels that we were already familiar with and a few that we were not, while enjoying some sunshine.

I love hearing unique stories about the people behind the grapes – the growers and producers. Each sip of their collaboration provides another detail of the story in my glass.

Tasting wine isn’t simply about naming a flavor profile. Sure, words can help to describe some of the elements of wine, but not everything can be put into words. Like most artists, wine makers each have their own signature process for extracting the goodness within their grapes, and those processes result in subtle nuances that are later enjoyed by many lovers of wine.

It’s fascinating to me how some people may love a particular wine, while others don’t. What is it that makes a wine “likable” or “unlikable?” Most of it depends on the taster’s unique preferences. One thing that I’ve learned is to not let the opinions of others drive my preferences. Just because a wine is popular doesn’t mean I have to like it. And when you do find something you love, enjoy it!

It’s important to note that those who don’t drink can still enjoy similar tasting experiences. Tea, chocolate, and many other specialty foods and beverages also provide similar opportunities to practice mindfulness and experience new flavors.

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