Self-Care Challenge (Day 57): Exploring New Possibilities

a road that runs between two small hills

On day 57 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored new possibilities.

My entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t have an off button. It seems I’m always thinking about what if scenarios. What if I did it this way? What if it looked like this? What if I focused all my energy on just this one thing? 

And that’s where the trouble starts. For those who experience similar thinking patterns, you know that it can be extremely difficult to stay focused on just one project, one idea, or one possibility. It’s like trying to catch bubbles: Just when you think you’ve landed one it bursts and you’re already setting your sights on catching the next one.

For me, ideas flow non-stop. I wake up at 2 a.m. with ideas that I scribble down in the dark. New ideas come to me in the shower, and before I know it I’m jotting down notes on the steamed-up shower door. Ideas arrive at stoplights, at the grocery store, in the middle of a workout, and on hikes in the woods. All. The. Time.

Fortunately, exploring new possibilities is good for our health too. When we find new ways to do things, our brains make new connections and form new neural pathways that make information easier to access over time.

Possibilities lead us to our life’s contribution, and each of us has at least one significant contribution to make. What is yours?

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