Self-Care Challenge (Day 61): Changing My Mind

On day 61 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored my right to change my mind.

Twenty years ago, this was me. I was just weeks away from high school graduation, soon to be a pre-med student at Kent State University.

Or so I thought.

That all changed the moment I took my first nutrition class. Something shifted within me, and I felt an undeniable connection with what I was learning. Armed with the knowledge that there is real power in the choices we make about how we care for ourselves, I knew that I wanted to focus my life’s work on the prevention side rather than the treatment side of health care.

Sometimes I think we forget that we can change our mind any time we want to. We may think we know what we want to do, have, or be, but one conversation or experience can change everything.

Just think of the how many people you know who have made career changes after devoting a near-lifetime to a job they didn’t love. And why shouldn’t they?

Changing our mind can be a form of self-care in that it leaves us open to exploring new possibilities.

We are multi-purposed beings, and our life’s purpose doesn’t have to be limited to just one thing. All of us possess a multitude of unique skills and gifts, and we can choose any number of them to share with the world.

What will you share?

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