Self-Care Challenge (Day 64): Cooling Off with Shave Ice

Shave Ice2Shave ice is a Hawaiian staple–perhaps even a food group of its own. It’s made by shaving a block of ice, which creates a fine texture similar to snow.

The endless flavor combinations and accoutrements can easily leave you in a state of paralysis. We stood there for several minutes just trying to process the options. I finally ordered a pineapple/coconut/banana trifecta, and it was exactly what I needed. 

The cool sweetness was refreshing beneath the heat of the sun’s blazing heat. In fact, it brought back memories of making “snow shakes” with my dad and crafting sno-cones (compliments of Snoopy’s innovative machine) as a kid. While they may not have been as fancy as Hawaiian shave ice, it was still a lot of fun.

Sometimes life’s simplest of pleasures that bring us the greatest joy.


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