Self-Care Challenge (Day 66): Smelling the Roses

flowers on the beachThe Hibiscus, sometimes referred to as Rose Mallow, is a tropical flower that most tourists recognize easily. The stunningly bold colors and tropical fragrances are hard to miss as they effortlessly lure in pollinators and visitors alike.

“Stop and smell the roses” is a phrase we often hear when we get caught in the act of taking life too seriously. It’s a plea for us to take time to enjoy life and all of its beauty.

Those of us who consider ourselves “doers” have the tendency to get so wrapped up in our day-to-day agendas that we forget to come up for air. And taking time to smell anything seems like a waste of precious time and energy.

hibiscusBut pressing the pause button periodically may be more beneficial than we realize. Taking breaks can enhance our productivity by giving us time to clear our head and allow new ideas to percolate. This week, I made it a priority to notice the beautiful exotic flowers and give them the attention they deserve.

Taking time to smell the roses acknowledges that we are surrounded by gifts that cost nothing more than a moment of our time.


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