Self-Care Challenge (Day 7): Getting a Haircut

Stacy Fisher-Gunn and Austyn Jordan

On day 7 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored getting a haircut as a means of boosting my self confidence.

While a simple haircut may not seem like a significant stride toward self-care, it can help more than you think. As my stylist Austyn so eloquently put it, “How we look on the outside reflects how we feel on the inside.”

And I’m not talking about vanity either. I’m talking about how we view ourselves as individuals. When we feel “put together” it boosts our self-confidence, and that can lead to even higher levels of productivity and personal achievement.

Vivian Diller, Ph.D., describes “beauty self-esteem” in an article appearing in Psychology Today, “The Psychology Behind a Good Hair Day.” She believes “how we feel influences how we look and vice versa.”

The way we present ourselves to the world can impact our relationship with it. Personally, I feel just as happy when I’m dressed up as I do when I have one hand around a chicken and the other in the dirt. 

As a consulting dietitian, I used to spend a lot of time with nursing home residents, and it was always refreshing to see their dramatic mood improvements after returning from the salon. Their beaming smiles entered the room before they did, and they spent the rest of the day basking in compliments from staff and visitors. Feeling good about yourself changes everything.

If a strong sense of self-esteem has the potential to make us more successful, then a simple haircut seems like a pretty good investment to me.

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