Self-Care Challenge (Day 74): Lounging

AdirondacksIn case you missed it, yesterday was National Napping Day. It’s no accident that this comes on the heels of daylight savings time. And for those who don’t work at Google, or another company that has an employee nap room, it can be tough to adjust.

But time changes aside, some days are just filled with so many commitments that even breathing feels like work. And when our bodies aren’t able to fully recover, there are consequences.

Rest, a component of our systemic health, is one of our most basic human needs. Without adequate amounts of sleep, our physical and mental abilities are limited. Likewise, rest directly impacts our emotive health–how we express ourselves and respond to life’s circumstances. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a sleep-deprived person, you know what I mean. 

Taking breaks periodically throughout the work day is part of my personal self-care plan. It helps me refocus on tasks and, ultimately, it helps me get more done. 

When we’re rested, we perform at a higher level. While napping at work isn’t an option for most of us, taking a walk, practicing deep-breathing exercises or spending a few minutes sitting in silence can help revive our mental capacity. Whatever you call it–lounging, resting, relaxing or something else altogether–taking regular breaks is good for us.

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