Self-Care Challenge (Day 75): Being Part of a Community

Glass of WaterEarlier this year, I was elected President of our neighborhood’s well association. While our small water system serves just 13 homes, it takes a small army to keep it operational. 

It has been a huge commitment, but I awoke this morning feeling grateful to not only live near, but to have the opportunity to work alongside, a group of such dedicated and selfless individuals.

Late last week, stormy weather and high winds caused power outages across the region. Fortunately, our small water system does have a generator, so, more often than not, we don’t experience interruptions in service. But this week we discovered the generator’s battery needed to be replaced, and true to form our community rallied.

Whether we’re standing in the rain wearing our gum-boots, walking in the darkness wearing headlamps, or saying hello outside (sometimes still wearing our pajamas), we come together to support one another.

I’ve lived in many different types of communities over the years. In some of those communities homes were nearly stacked on top of one another, and, ironically, those were the ones I felt the least connected to. Now, living in a community where most of the homes are situated on nearly an acre of land each, and there are no sidewalks or street lights, I feel so much more connected. 

Expressing gratitude for the good things in our life is a self-care practice that helps strengthen the emotive dimension of our health.

Being part of a community, whether it’s within your own neighborhood or another nearby area, is just one more example of how caring for ourselves properly enables us to care for others in a meaningful way. Strong communities care about the well-being of their neighbors as much as their own. 


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