Self-Care Challenge (Day 89): Cycling

On day 89 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I took a cycling class at my local gym, my first ever.

Our instructor, a former Sea Gal for the Seattle Seahawks, cheered us on by shouting affirmations that would make anyone pedal with vigor. The song “Cake by The Ocean” appropriately played in the background as we eased into our rhythm (and thought about cake, er, well, yeah cake).

Honestly, I had myself convinced that the repetitive pedaling on a stationary bike would be boring, but I was surprised to see how quickly the hour flew by.

I only decided to try cycling in the first place because I’ve been thinking for quite a while that I need to bump up my cardio routine. It’s my least favorite activity (which is probably why I’ve put it off), but like everything else that requires change, we must arrive there on our own terms.

Research has shown that varying our exercise routines helps not only increase our motivation, but also produce better fitness results.

Trying new things can keep self-care interesting and fun.

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