December Self-Care Activities

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December is officially here, which means there’s a high likelihood you’ve been doing some holiday hustling and bustling already. And as fun as it may be to put up holiday decorations, shop for special gifts, and attend social gatherings, it can lead straight to overfunctioning if you aren’t careful..

The good news is, with a little advanced planning you can actually enjoy the holiday season. Consider weaving some of these December self-care activities into your calendar over the next few weeks:

Get Cozy

When the temperatures drop outside hibernation mode can set in quickly, so be sure to have all your warm-and-cozy supplies on the ready — fuzzy socks, bath salts*, fluffy robe*, snuggly blankets*, and delicious teas are some of my winter essentials.

Get creative

Read some of the books that have been stacking up all year. Create a vision board for the coming year. Dust off the crafts that you’ve had been packed away in the closet. Indoor projects are perfect for December self-care activities.

Stick to your gift budget

Once you’ve established a spending cap on your holiday spending this season, make sure you stick to it. Make a list of the gifts you plan to buy in advance to avoid buying useless knick-knacks just to fill up a box or stocking. Mindless spending can derail all the smart financial decisions you made over the recent weeks and months. And don’t forget that handmade gifts and experiences can be just as special.


Strengthen your daily self-care rituals by downloading a new guided meditation, joining a meditation group, or expanding your knowledge on the art itself. Jazz up your meditation space with one of these plush cushions* or eye mask*.

Move your body

If you’ve been using the colder temperatures as an excuse to stay inside and not exercise, consider incorporating some new indoor physical activities to maintain good health. Join a gym or fitness studio, take an online yoga class, or dust off your treadmill or exercise bike.

Build a supportive circle

If you don’t already have a strong, supportive community, now is a great time to start building one. Attend a local gathering, take a class, or become a member of a group that shares similar interests. A strong support network is essential if your 2020 goals include creating more ease and better health. Life isn’t a solo gig, friends.

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December self-care activities by Alex on Unsplash

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