How to Create More Ease

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Overfunctioning has become the norm and it’s making us sick. In 2018, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 1 in 5 adults don’t think they’re doing enough to manage stress. It shows. Ongoing stress has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. But the truth is, life doesn’t have to be so hard. We can create more ease using self-care and the lifestyle design process. If life feels like a struggle, explore these ease-generating strategies:

Clear the Clutter

Do you ever notice how chaotic life feels when you’re surrounded by clutter–stacks of paper, piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, or other random items that mysteriously migrate to desks and tables? Cluttered environments can lead to cluttered minds. If your belongings are taking on a life of their own, clear the clutter by donating or selling what’s no longer useful. If it doesn’t bring you joy, or has already served its purpose, pass it along to someone else who might benefit.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions keep us from tending to what matters most–our relationships, personal and professional goals, and even our health. If your to-do list doesn’t quite align with your priorities, then it might be a distraction. Whether it’s a commitment that you regret making, a volunteer role, or a task that you’ve unofficially inherited, those self-imposed obligations can drain your time and energy. And the truth is, maybe you’re really not the best person for the job, and perhaps it’s time to pass the torch to someone who is. If your time is being consumed by random tasks, consider delegating or removing it from your to-do list altogether. If your plate is full, it’s full.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Are you the person who says ‘yes’ to everything because you can’t stand the idea of letting anyone down? (Or worse, you worry that it won’t be done right?) If so, learning to say ‘no’ could be an effective way to create more ease. Having clear boundaries means that you’ll probably have to decline requests or invitations from time to time. Practice these phrases to get more comfortable with saying ‘no’:

  • Maybe next time.
  • Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it.
  • My schedule is full right now, but I’d love to join you next time.

Remember, you get to decide what you say ‘yes’ to–and an explanation usually isn’t required.

Edit Your Inner Circle

Does your inner circle need a makeover? Are you surrounded by people who bring you down, constantly criticize you, or take advantage of you? Or does your tribe encourage you and lift you up? Spend more time with people who are positive and solution-oriented rather than those who are invested in complaining, pointing out errors, or manipulating you. By carefully curating who’s in your inner circle, you’ll experience more ease.

Find Your Sacred Space

It can be hard to relax when you’re constantly surrounded by noise and flurries of activity. By creating sacred spaces, you’ll limit your exposure to stress and stay aligned with your goals. Whether you enlist self-care strategies like meditation, yoga, journaling, or praying, having a sacred space helps you stay grounded and focused.

Get Organized

It’s hard to function when you don’t know which end is up. If you frequently struggle to stay focused or regularly fail to meet deadlines, you may need to invest a little time in getting organized. Being organized means being able to find what you need when you need it. The Self-Care Planner is designed to help you keep self-care at the forefront while you juggle all the pieces of your personal and professional life.

By regularly assessing your habits and making adjustments to your daily routines, you can kick the self-imposed pressures to the curb and create more ease.

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