January Self-Care Activities

It’s New Year’s Eve. Are you ready for 2020?January self-care is critical because how you begin the new year sets the tone for the weeks and months to come. Getting clear about your goals and intentions now will help you make decisions more quickly, seek out opportunities that align with the direction you’re going, and make life easier in general.

But I get that the holiday hangover is real, and it can leave us feeling poorly about many areas of our life, from our physical health to our finances. The end of the year can carry a lot of judgement — the list of things we didn’t get around to doing, the goals we didn’t quite reach (or even attempt to reach), and the moments when we dropped the ball.

Focusing on the negative can lead us down a spiral of defeat.

Instead, shift your focus toward what you DID accomplish this year. Sort through your memories over the past year and recall the moments when you experienced joy and happiness, when you felt good, when you overcame the fears you didn’t think you could.

After you’ve properly celebrated your wins for 2019, turn your attention to 2020 and toward what you hope to manifest over the coming year. Then consider adding some of the January self-care activities below to your calendar.

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Get a planning system in place

Whether you use a paper planner or an online tool, be sure to choose a planning system that helps you stay organized. For those who prefer paper planners, LivingUpp’s Lifestyle Design Planner was created to help you create more ease and better health. Designed by a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, the planner’s elegant yet simple format provides the right level of structure without cramping your creative mojo. Using LivingUpp’s 8-dimensional self-care framework, you’ll also learn how to identify which areas of your life need the most attention, so you can prioritize where and how to invest your time and energy.

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Schedule preventive care

Preventive care is an important self-care strategy that can save you thousands of dollars in medical costs over the course of your lifetime. Investing in your health right now helps protect you from debilitating health conditions that steal your independence. Schedule your preventive care appointments, like eye exams, dental cleanings, and other exams early in the year.

Choose a theme word for the year

Your theme word(s) act as a compass, helping you make important decisions throughout the year. Danielle LaPorte’s “core desired feelings” approach to goal-setting is a great approach for those who resist setting new year’s resolutions. Here’s a list of some positive theme words to help find the one that’s right for you:

Abundance | Acceptance | Accuracy | Achievement | Adaptability | Adventure | Affection | Agility | Appreciation | Awareness | Balance | Beauty | Beauty | Belonging | Blissfulness | Boldness | Bravery | Calm | Charity | Cheerfulness | Clarity | Collaboration | Comfort | Communication | Community | Compassion | Confidence | Consciousness | Connection | Consistency | Contribution | Cooperation | Courage | Courtesy | Creativity | Cultivate | Curiosity | Decisiveness | Dedication | Delight | Dependability | Determination | Discovery | Discretion | Diversity | Drive | Duty | Education | Efficiency | Elegance | Empathy | Encouragement | Energy | Enjoyment

Block some “me time” on your calendar

Take a few moments right now to weave in some January self-care activities on your calendar. Scheduling it now will help you protect it from competing priorities that will most certainly present themselves along the way. Schedule your quarterly or monthly massages and other personal “me time” activities before someone else books it. Your December self will thank you for it.

Download your credit report

The beginning of the year is a great time to freshen up your financial self-care plan as well. Download your free credit report and review it carefully to make sure there’s no suspicious activity. Talk with your financial advisor for guidance on how to improve your credit score if necessary. And create a plan to reduce the amount of debt you owe or upgrade your savings plan.

Create a sacred space

Do you have a designated space to recover from life’s busyness? A nook or corner of a room where you can read and journal? A comfy chair that you can relax in after a long day? Your sacred space can be spiritual in nature, or simply a space to unwind and recenter. Either way, having a place in your home that feels good is essential, especially for introverts and empaths who need quiet solitude to recharge.

Create new daily rituals

Rituals are routines that help you stay aligned with your values and goals. Rituals like journaling or prayer or meditation keep you focused on what’s most important and help you find your flow. Take a moment to assess how your current daily rituals are working for you, and create some new ones if necessary.

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