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What are the benefits to becoming a Living Upp member?

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Join the self-care conversation by participating in our online members’ forum. You can share your personal successes with other members, ask for their support and guidance, and offer support and encouragement as well.

Member Toolbox

As a member, you’ll have access to a number of free and discounted digital products, such as self-paced worksheets and eBooks to help guide you on your unique wellness journey.

Self-Care Design

Need some additional support to reach your personal self-care goals? Add a layer of accountability with our Uppward program! Schedule a 30-minute complimentary session with Stacy for more information.

Partner Network

Take advantage of special offers and discounts within our partner network, a hand-selected group of organizations that offer products and services designed to help support you in reaching your health goals.


Coming soon!

We’re currently building our library of self-care courses so you can learn and explore at your own pace.


Join us at an upcoming online or in-person event to learn and connect with your community on a more personal level.

The Self-Care Guild

The Self-Care Guild is a Seattle-based group that gathers periodically for fun get-togethers. In ecology, guilds are groupings of species that have a synergistic relationship. Essentially, they’re better off when they’re together. Guilds are connected by similar needs or habits, and they support and nourish one another.


Take advantage of member discounts and special offers on Living Upp products and services, as well as those within our partner network.

Other member benefits:

  • A sense of belonging that comes from being part of an uplifting, non-judgmental community
  • An opportunity to connect with new people who share similar goals
  • A chance to learn from others who have worked through similar life challenges
  • The abilty to manage your membership subscriptions with ease
  • The gift of inspiring others who may be struggling
  • A platform to ask other members for help with your unique challenges
  • Access to discounts within our Partner Network

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