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Whiteboard Sessions

The Whiteboard Session is a 50-minute private call with Stacy to brainstorm solutions to a problem you're currently facing. As a BONUS, you'll get the 8-day self-care challenge for FREE!


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Lifestyle Coaching

This coaching package is a great add-on to any of the self-study programs and includes three (3) 50-minute private coaching calls with Stacy, a registered dietitian and lifestyle coach. 


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Group Coaching

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Join the Community

The Lifestyle Design Studio is an online membership community created specifically for introverts who value connection but prefer to roll solo when it comes to self-care and personal growth.


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Self-Study Programs

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Self-Care Starter Kit

The Self-Care Starter Kit is a self-paced online program designed to help you develop or expand your self-care practice so you can live with more ease and better health.


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