Self-Care Challenge (Day 103): Walking in the Airport

tennis shoes walking on a path

On day 103 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I did my best to mitigate jet lag and did a little walking in the airport.

If you travel a lot, for business or otherwise, then you probably understand how challenging it can be to work in physical activity when you’re away from home.

Our normal routines and schedules help us stay on track. On the road, however, anything goes. Our schedule is rarely predictable, and we have a tendency to get up early and stay up late, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise.

Recently, I’ve been making an effort to get to the airport earlier than usual. Not only does this provide a buffer in case the security line happens to be long (I’m not huge a fan of running to my gate), but it also allows time for a walk before boarding my flight. This week, I made three passes up and down the terminal and still had time to grab a tea before boarding.

In fact, some research has shown that these short, frequent bouts of exercise might have significant health benefits over continuous exercise. One study found that taking three 10-minute walks was more effective at reducing blood pressure than a single 30-minute bout of walking. This also calls attention to the questionable effectiveness of the “weekend warrior” approach to fitness.

This is good news to those of us with unpredictable schedules, making consistent exercise difficult. It’s comforting to know that “moving more” doesn’t have to include a 3-hour workout at the gym. All of us can take a handful of 10-minute breaks throughout the day.

How do you accumulate your minutes?

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