Self-Care Challenge (Day 106): Cooking for One

On day 106 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored the sometimes challenging task of cooking for one.

When my husband is out of town it’s tempting to fall back on “easy” meals that require little effort to prepare. After all, it’s just little old me, so why should I go to all the trouble?

I’ve heard this same sentiment from many of my single friends and clients over the years. It can be hard to get excited about cooking for one. I get it.

In my pursuit of a comprehensive self-care practice, it became clear that I needed to change my mindset. After all, I deserve to have a meal prepared with love too, don’t I? My health is important too, isn’t it? The simple act of preparing a meal might not seem that significant, but it felt really nice. I don’t have to go all out, preparing elaborate meals, but I shouldn’t be an afterthought.

When was the last time you prepared an unhurried, nurturing meal for just yourself?

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