Self-Care Challenge (Day 135): Making “Broth” Cubes

broth cubes
Broth Cubes

If you love to cook, then you know how important it is to have quality ingredients on-hand.

In my kitchen, chicken broth is one of those staple ingredients that I often need in very small amounts, yet I find that even the smallest containers often expire before I can use them up completely.

Luckily, I’ve since discovered that I can freeze homemade broth in ice cube trays–what a simple solution!

Making stock isn’t difficult. In fact, if you buy a whole chicken periodically like I do, you can use the remaining parts to make a homemade broth. 

The beauty of making your own broth is that you get to control the ingredients. You can use less salt (or none at all), add garlic and herbs, or simply make a pure broth. I tend to keep it simple–adding just onion and carrots–because I prefer to add seasonings later during the cooking process. 

Once the broth has cooled, simply pour it into ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer. The result: convenient, single-serving cubes of broth that can be used in a variety of recipes.

Don’t forget to inform your housemates that they aren’t ice cubes–my husband was not pleased when his glass of bourbon tasted like chicken.

Broth cubes can be used as a soup base, as well as for cooking rice or noodles. More often, though, I use it as a simple flavoring for vegetables.

Taking a few minutes to prepare healthy ingredients in advance makes cooking more enjoyable, not to mention easier.

What are your favorite ways to use broth?

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