Self-Care Challenge (Day 139): Changing the Sheets

SheetsClean sheets are hard to beat. Melting into soft, freshly washed linens after a long day is nothing short of blissful.

But how often should you wash them?

A quick web search turned up opinions ranging from every other day to once a month, and one message board comment noted, “It depends on what’s happenin’ between em, if you know what I mean.”


Whether or not you shower after your workouts, eat in bed, have been ill, wear creams or lotions to bed, allow your pets to sleep with you, or sleep in your birthday suit all factor into the equation.

But regardless of what you are doing (or not doing) between the sheets, there could be some unpleasant things lurking there: bacteria, for one. One study found that vancomycin-resistant enterrococcus survived on bed sheets for 11 weeks on hospital linens, and other bacteria have been found to linger in similar studies as well. While our bedrooms may not pose the same hazards as a health care facility, it’s still something to consider. 

So how often is often enough when it comes to washing your sheets? Most experts say you should change them every one to two weeks.

Changing my bed sheets every week or so has become part of my self-care routine–if nothing else because it feels nice. 

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