Self-Care Challenge (Day 141): Networking

On day 141 of my 366-day self-care challenge, my daily dose of self-care came in the form of networking – or, as I like to call it, staying connected with my community. (It just sounds better to me.)

Earlier in the day I attended a Meetup in Seattle, where I met the publisher of a local lifestyle magazine (which resulted in a press release about my new book! Amazon Associate Link), and later in the afternoon I met with a nursing student who asked to interview me for a project she is working on related to obesity prevention and self-care.

The amazing work that both ladies are doing to improve the health of our community is nothing short of inspiring. They reminded me just how important it is to stay connected to what is going on in and around my community. I learned something from each of them.

The world is filled with innovative, forward-thinking individuals. Just think what might be accomplished if we all came together more regularly.

Do you carve out time to nourish your community relationships?

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