Self-Care Challenge (Day 142): Entertaining

entertainingI love to host dinner parties. In fact, if our parking situation was better I imagine we’d have many more large gatherings than we do. A full house just makes me happy.

Sharing a meal while telling stories and laughing is especially nurturing to my soul. And it’s something most of us don’t do as often as earlier generations. Today, we work through our lunches and use convenience foods to fit eating into our busy schedules. We grab a drink after work to visit with colleagues. We reserve a table to dine with friends. But it’s less frequent that we open our homes and exert effort to prepare a homemade meal for those who make our lives richer.

To me, entertaining a group of friends or family members is a way for me to express my gratitude. In this way, it’s an act of self-care because it provides me with an outlet for that expression.

It’s an opportunity to give more than we receive.

While there certainly can be some stressful moments involved–the flurry of last-minute cleaning and making sure the menu accommodates a variety of food preferences and restrictions–the approach we take is up to us. We can either react to stress or choose to respond with a spirit of calmness. 

Entertaining requires quite a bit of work, but that’s the point–and it’s well worth the effort.

What is your favorite way to spend time with friends? 



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