Self-Care Challenge (Day 144): Thinking Positively

Lemons nestled in Jadeite Fire King glassMaintaining a spirit of positivity is sort of like turning lemons into lemonade. You can’t prevent all of life’s sour challenges, but you can make them a bit sweeter.

Norman Vincent Peale’s book, The Power of Positive Thinking (Amazon Associate Link), is a classic.

His emphasis on the importance of positive thoughts was novel for the 50’s, and although he has been criticized for his tendency to tell stories rather than basing his ideas on scientific facts, his work is still regarded today.

Positive thinking–sometimes referred to as optimism–describes a positive outlook on the future.

It’s becoming more clear that how we think affects how we respond to the things that happen to us, and our response also contributes to our overall level of happiness and quality of life. Likewise, maintaining an optimistic attitude (i.e. learning how to make lemonade) is empowering, and may even improve problem-solving skills.

My self-care activity for the day was thinking positively about the week ahead, envisioning the completion of high-priority tasks and leaning into best possible scenarios. It’s important to note that I’m fully aware that not everything will go according to plan–that’s the exciting part.

All we can do is move forward and see what happens. But it sure is easier without the weight of pessimism on our shoulders.

How do you make lemonade?


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