Self-Care Challenge (Day 177): Stretching

yoga blockAt a yoga class last week, I learned a new pose: the supported bridge

Suffice it to say it’s my latest obsession. 

I’ve noticed that in recent years, my hip flexors and lower back don’t quite cooperate the same way they did when I was younger. They get tight and sore easily, especially after extended periods of activity.  

An orthopedic doc once recommended a stretch where I lay with my back flat on the floor, and my legs elevated and bent into a 90 degree angle. That has been helpful on more than one occasion, but it’s not exactly comfortable for any length of time.

The supported bridge, on the other hand, is my new best friend. It’s the perfect wind-down stretch just before bed, helping me to relax (“melt” is probably a better word) and prepare for sleep.

Experimenting with different poses sometimes leads to new self-care practices. 

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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