Self-Care Challenge (Day 195): Caring for My Feet

On day 195 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I focused on caring for my feet.

No matter how you feel about feet, they bear the full brunt of our busy lives. They mobilize us and enable us to complete the difficult tasks that are required to achieve our goals.

While I haven’t had to seek any professional care beyond an occasional pedicure, I almost always battle dryness in the summer. (And wearing flip flops probably doesn’t help.)

As a diabetes educator, I subscribe to a number of diabetes-related publications and recently, while leafing through an issue of Diabetes Forecast, I ran across an ad for O’keeffe’s for Healthy Feet, a foot cream designed specifically to soothe dry heals.

Yay, me!

Within five minutes I was placing my order on Amazon. It seemed like a suitable enough self-care activity to me. A nightly application produced noticeable results after just the first day, and in a couple more days my heels were soft and happy.

Proper foot care is important for all of us – not just those who are managing chronic medical conditions.

How do you care for your feet?

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