Self-Care Challenge (Day 198): Camping

Most of us are so conditioned to modern conveniences that we’re nearly incapable of doing without them. And that’s precisely why I love camping–and also why I consider it a form of self-care.

TentLeaving my familiar surroundings and heading out to a remote location for a few days forces me to reconsider what I truly need to live. But camping also requires a fair amount of planning. There typically aren’t many stores nearby, so picking up last minute items isn’t an option. Being prepared–packing enough food and water, first aid supplies (just in case) and clothing–is a must. 

In many ways, camping is an exercise in minimalism. You learn pretty quickly how to shed extra weight and bulk when you have to carry your own gear or fit it into a small space. 

Camping makes life simpler. You care less about what you look like and more about the relationships and conversations at the campsite. You also care less about email and other gadgets that consume more of your time than you care to admit when you’re at home. 

This kind of getaway is good for my soul, and it makes me appreciate the conveniences I have back at home. 

How do you get away from it all?

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