Self-Care Challenge (Day 202): Buying Myself a Gift

typewriter braceletI know, I know. This post is rather ironic since I just wrote about window shopping yesterday. Yes, I bought something.

My self-care practice for the day was buying myself a gift.

I love unique jewelry, and any time I stumble across a one-of-a-kind piece,I just can’t help myself. While taking a friend around to some of my favorite local shops, I noticed a few bracelets that were made from old typewriter keys.

As a writer myself, there was no hope of me leaving without one.

Sometimes buying yourself a little something is a fun way to say “thank you.” 

Giving yourself a gift doesn’t have to involve something of monetary value, of course. You could just as easily gift yourself with an evening walk or a couple of hours to read that book you’ve been having trouble getting through. 

What have you given yourself lately?

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