Self-Care Challenge (Day 206): Making (Healthy) Waldorf Salad

On day 206 of my 366-day self-care challenge, I explored making a healthier version of Waldorf salad.

While flipping through some magazines during a recipe swap I organized over the weekend, I ran across some interesting recipes.

As a diabetes educator, I read several publications dedicated to managing the condition, and there are two magazines in which I almost always find great recipes: Diabetes Forecast and Diabetic Living. While I don’t particularly like the title of the latter magazine (the term “diabetic” is a pet peeve of mine–it’s outdated and a bit derogatory, in my opinion — I prefer person with diabetes), it does offer lots of creative menu ideas using fresh, healthy ingredients.

I chose to try out an interesting twist on Waldorf Salad, a recipe that includes ingredients like cauliflower, grapes, apples, walnuts, celery and plain Greek yogurt, to name just a few. I wrapped the medley in a leaf of butter-head lettuce (similar to a Thai lettuce wrap) and had an instantly healthy lunch.

I would have never thought to add cauliflower. Most recipes include grapes and apples (along with other sugary ingredients), but it was sort of fun to play with some new flavor combinations.

For me, trying out new recipes feels more like art than anything else. And it makes me wonder if that might be why so many people dislike cooking: it feels more like work than play.

If you don’t particularly enjoy cooking, then I challenge you to shift your thinking the next time you enter your kitchen. What if you pretended it was your art studio instead?

Have fun and play with some new recipes. Who cares if they don’t turn out exactly the way you thought they would. And if you don’t like a recipe, don’t make it again. I’ve found that the art of cooking is as much about trial and error as anything else, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of recipe flops. In fact, just thinking about those experiences makes me smile. Those “flops” make life more entertaining, don’t you think?

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